Cryogeyser & Sour Widows – RampArt Skatepark

Cryogeyser & Sour Widows

Saturday March 7th

Outer Space Arcata Presents:

Sauturday, March 7
8:00 – 11:00 PM
All Ages
RampArt Skatepark

Alternative from Los Angeles, CA
“Their debut album ‘Glitch’ is an attempt to reconcile the relationship between being in love and being in loss. It’s that liminal space that Cryogeyser takes up, pushing a dreaminess quickly over into dissonance, pronouncing the fragility of having and have not. Cryogeyser is a heart gaping open, enveloping everything around it, for better or for worse.”

Sour Widows:
Bedroom Rock from Oakland, CA
“Songs marked by driving harmonies address themes of relationship and reflection; layers of warmth, grit, and depth surface and fade in their two guitar dynamic. The term ‘bedroom rock’ is a nod to this intimacy – it could mean sleepy, dreamy, or weepy – as it captures the emotion behind the music.”


Sue and the namies
Mind Blowing Surf Rock from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Husband and Wife Rock Duo from Arcata, CA

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