Violent Opposition/Tease/Nervous Defects at Rampart Skatepark – RampArt Skatepark

Violent Opposition/Tease/Nervous Defects at Rampart Skatepark

DisBeatCrasher and Rampart Skatepark Presents:

Violent Opposition – Fast, Taunting, Cartoonish, Brain-twisting Compositions Layered with Screams, Grunts, Growls, and Barks from North Bay, California.
Why fastcore?
Technically speaking this is not fastcore. There are elements of fastcore but there are and will be elements of all music. When I started playing music in bands, I identified with what people called grindcore. This was the music being put out by earache records. There was no internet and until Relapse came along, earache was the only thing I new of. For me grindcore was bands like Septic Death, Napalm Death, Old Lady Drivers, Unseen Terror, Sore Throat, Electro Hippies, ect. Then came Brutal Truth and then when relapse put out the corporate death comp I was exposed to exit 13, Anal Cunt, Macabre, ect. Got their catalog and that exposed me to Naked City, Ornette Coleman, Blood Duster, and a thousand other amazing bands. I like fast crazy music. When I was young I would listen to the movie soundtracks I got for christmas on high speed. Not enough music was made in the tempo that messages my brain. As I grew up in this shitty world I developed an anger that I identify in hardcore music. But, although hardcore, metal, and punk have an edge I identify with, the tempo is too slow and often times there is a lack of original ideas. In the mid 90’s, I opened a diy warehouse in LA and that summer a band called Agents of Satan came through and exposed me to a whole new world of hardcore that became known as powerviolence. This music had dramatic and abrupt tempo changes that I couldnt get enough of and there seemed to be more of a dedication to quality riffs and evolving song structures than “traditiona/” hardcore. The vocals were much more expressive of human emotion which gave it the energy of early punk. As grindcore became defined more as a genre it started becoming uniformed and less experimental. Grindcore was always kind of a stupid term anyway but not as stupid as powerviolence. That has to be the all time stupidest name for a music genre there is. I kind of like the term fastcore. It sounds more like what I want out of music. Fast and pissed off! Anyway, after stating that useless bunch of bullshit I would like to make the disclaimer that Violent Opposition is not actually fastcore or any defined genre and we will be experimenting from genre to genre as well as trying to make up something new that doesnt fit into anything. There will always be elements of that early earache influence and I will always keep releasing some amount of grind based music but, I plan on getting real weird with it all. Im making music here not marketing trendy fashion fads to bratty teens. So, if you’re stuck in your box and you dont want to hear anything new or different, I plan to disappoint you. If you can only wear black and run in circles, this music will hurt your brain. Im not trying to influence bullfights. Dance and shake and move your body to the epileptic rhythm of our organized vibrations and expression of the conditions and experiences of life as a human isolated and in relation to all of perceived life

Tease – Turbopunk PV Revival Punk from Portland, Oregon.

Nervous Defects – Garage Punk Entity from Portland, Oregon

Local Support From:

Racket – Spastic Hardcore Punk

Cross Contamination – Dark Punk

DOORS @ 7:30PM
MUSIC @ 8:00PM



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