Bring it on, 2015!

Thanks to all our supporters and volunteers that have helped make 2014 an amazing year for RampArt. From the Chili bowl fundraiser early in the year, to actually constructing the bowl and holding events like Babes and Boards and Skatefest, we’ve accomplished quite a lot in a year. We’re looking forward to continuing the fun and progression in 2015 along with a few new projects to be on the look out for. Keep shredding and thanks again for all the support!
– The RampArt Crew

Not to be missed!

There’s a treat in store for those sticking around Humboldt for New Years. Lost Coast Rotoract will be holding their 3rd annual New Years celebration and this year is going to be off the charts. Fire dancing, live music, burlesque dancers, side shows, oddities, and of course, champagne at midnight. A limited number of presale tickets are only $15 at RampArt and Wildberries.  Proceeds are going to support RampArt, so rest assure your good times are going toward supporting an awesome cause!

new years at RampArt

Volunteer Spotlight: Steven Papale

Our volunteers are what keep RampArt running like the well oiled machine it is. Each one of them is passionate about skating and riding, and take an active role in making RampArt possible.

This month we did a Q&A with our longtime volunteer, Steven Papale.  Check the interview below and be sure to give Steven a high five next time you see him at the park.


Age:  17
High school: Six Rivers Charter High School
Board: Bacon, 8.5”

How long have you volunteered at RampArt?
I’ve been volunteering at rampart for a little over a year now and it’s been a blast!

What’s your favorite obstacle at the park?
Definitely the bowl, it’s insane how much speed you can get pumping around that thing.

Who’s your favorite skater?
Probably a mix between Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen, Tony got me interested in Skating in the first place and Rodney just blows my mind whenever I watch one of his videos.

What’s your favorite trick?
I don’t really have a favorite trick but as far a style goes you can’t go wrong with a good foot plant.

What tricks are you working on?
Right now I’m trying to land a backside kickflip to disaster.

How many kids have you ollied at camp?
I think three is my current record but I could see airing four, maybe five someday.

Who’s your favorite camper?
Ave’s a really cool kid.  I remember his first day at skate camp years ago
when he dropped in on the Vert Ramp without even hesitating.  It’s just really
amazing to see how far he’s come as a rider.

Have any good RampArt stories?
That one time when the whole roller derby team stopped by, before that I’d never seen anyone ride roller skates like that.

How many kids have you taught to drop in?
Definitely more than I can count on one hand, if there’s one thing that’s hard to teach kids how to do its drop in!  Half the battle’s just getting them to commit into stomping their front feet down.

What’s your favorite desert meat?
What kind of question is that?  Take an Iguana, roast it, chocolate ice cream, boom.

What do you think of Chama’s wild fashion style?
That kid’s got some mad style, I’m sure he’ll skate the red carpet someday.

What do you get into over summer?
Last summer I actually got to work at Woodward West, and I also went to Vegas and met these babes.

Where do you want to travel to skate?
I’ve always wanted to skate Beijing, Just the city life in general is so crazy over there.

Tell us about skate dates:
Yeah those can be a lot of fun as long as the girl you’re teaching how to skate doesn’t get hurt, but in general its just a cool alternative way to get to know each-other.

Thanks for your support!

Thank you to all the volunteers, bands, businesses, and supporters that contributed to Skatefest!  We couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate the collective work of the Mckinleyville Skatepark Org., Trinidad Skatepark Alliance, and RampArt. With your support we’re making the north coast a better place to skate!

Check out the newscast of the event from Channel 3 News here.
Also, for those that couldn’t make Robi’s showing of the bowl construction timelapse, check it out here.

Lots of photos on our Instagram and Facebook pages too!
christian anderson rampart skatepark2

Derek Russel, barrel to boost! Christian Anderson Photo.